The three c’s to living life

Dear Max,

After 32.5 years on this planet, I can specifically say that there are three words to live by, and they all start with the letter “c.”

Calm: No matter the situation, getting all upset or flustered won’t help you out. You may be anxious, but knowing within yourself that you will find a way to make something happen, to get out of a bad situation, or to move forward, is empowering.

Cool: This isn’t about looking cool, although it may help. It’s about keeping cool. Keep a cool mind, and don’t unleash negativity on others because things get tough. Things may get tougher as you get older, but trust in God and know that He won’t give you more than you can’t handle.

Collected: When you stay calm and cool, you also need to be collected. Have your thoughts together and plans in place. if you don’t have time for that, trust in your instincts. We plan our whole life’s for certain moments. When they come, take it in stride and stay collected.

All of these things take a lot of practice, but you can get there. I just know it.




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