Respect other people’s opinions

Dear Max,

Opinions are just that. They are one person’s view on the world. However, when people share an opinion, things begin to change.

From my perspective, here’s what happens when people have different opinions:

  1. They stop listening and start arguing.
  2. They “de-friend” the person from Facebook, whatever other social networks they use, and their life entirely.
  3. They change the channel or stop reading.
  4. They misinterpret opinions for facts.
  5. They dig in their heels, and run for public office to make things “better.”

Many people today are not open to discussions that differ from their opinion or differ from what’s popular. Healthy debate has nearly lost its place among our society because of this.

I hope you don’t make this mistake. It’s important to know that we can’t all be alike. The world is made up of all kinds of people.




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