Why letters?

Max [5 months old] and I.

Max [5 months old] and I.

Max is my son and he means everything to me. My wife and I welcomed him into this world on July 2, 2014 and our life has not been the same since. With Maxwell,  my beautiful wife, Jessica, and I are learning new things every day. But, I am also reminded much of my upbringing. My father passed away much too young when Max was just 2 months old. Reminiscing over lost life and new life I am reminded of the “man talks” my Dad and I had growing up. Most of the time I think he was just giving my mom a much needed break from the craziness of my youth, but nevertheless it was all so memorable. We would walk around Penn Vassar Park in West Dearborn, MI and he would tell me stories, give me advice and overall teach me about being a man.

I loved my Dad. I looked up to him. To me he was a hero – and, still is. My purpose of these “Dear Max” letters is to give my son something to read to help guide him when he is old enough to understand. These letters are for the future. I welcome you to read and enjoy the journey with us.


Don McLean

Got a comment to share personally? I’d love to hear from you. Email me at: mclean.donald [at] gmail.com


My wife, Jess, and Max.

My beautiful wife, Jess, and Max.









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