Do it with love

Dear Max,

At church this morning, the priest said something that I will never forget. He said, “If you’re not doing it with love, it’s meaningless.”

Now, the word “it” can take the place of anything, like how you treat your family and others, who and how you help, how you play sports, the career you take, and more. It’s an approach, the only one in fact.

Love is powerful.

Love is necessary.

Love shows your passion.

Love gives you that extra push.

Love makes everything worth it.

This thought-provoking discussion made me question a few things that I spend time on myself. Do I love it? Do I love the reason why I’m doing what I do? Do I love what I fill in my few precious spare minutes per day? I’ll be making a few small changes myself.

No matter when you read this, or when you understand this, know that love can make real change happen. And love, is very powerful.

I love you,



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