Slow motion

Sunday, May 17, 2015 – handwritten

Dear Max,

I’ve noticed as I get older that I can sit, remove myself from a situation and ponder in slow motion. 

Today, we took you to the beach for the first time. You swam in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time. You had your first slice of pizza at Post Corner Pizza. As I sat under the umbrella and watched Mom, Grandma and you walk down to the water I smiled. I smiled, I sat back and opened an ice cold coke. I put the world in slow motion. I remembered all the times my dad did the exact same thing. And how he probably sat in the same spot and watched me go in the water for the first time the same way. The world was in slow motion. The coke, beading with sweat, had a half inch ring of sand around the bottom where it sat in the cool sand under my chair. My sunglasses felt like they allowed me to see into the future and the past. I felt perfectly at home.

Grandma came back in to sit at the umbrella and we traded places. I swam with you and mom in your first time in the ocean. We were happy. 

Take the time to put the world in slow motion. Enjoy life. 




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