“Go-to” guys

Monday, May 18, 2015 – handwritten

Dear Max,

If I need car advice, Craig Karavas at Mastertech can help. When I need jewelry, Steve Geftos at Brothers in my man. When I need a mortgage, Uncle Larry is a call away. When you need advice, call Dad. For all the important things in life you need you “go-to” guys.

Saturday at the airport we ran into my shoe guy – Michael Lockwood with Johnston & Murphy. I was surprised to hear he transferred from 12 Oaks to McNamera terminal at Detroit Metro Airport. Michael knows customer service. 

These “go-guys” operate on loyalty. They make you feel welcome and part of the family. And, every time you need them you call. You save money. You get a good product, good service. You can trust you won’t have issues. And, if you do, they’ll take care of you. 

Create your network early. You can’t lose.




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