His wandering boy

Dear Max,

My dad used to call me his “wandering boy.” Partly because our favorite song was Dion’s The Wanderer and partly because I was always out, as I was involved in so many activities. It’s something I miss without him here because he was the only one who called me that. 

I was always busy. Looking back now I probably was too busy too much of the time, but I learned a lot. And, no matter what, I always called my parents and Grandma Iva every day. 

You can call me what you will, but they were always so close to me that I would call even if it were just for a minute or two. In fact, most conversations with my dad were about a minute long. The time didn’t matter, the thought did. 

Call and see those you love constantly. Wander, but know where home is. 




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