Always look your best

You at 8 months, 2015

You at 8 months, 2015

Dear Max,

People always ask me “what are you dressed up for?” To most people, dressed up today is wearing slacks instead of jeans. People notice, but they are in a relaxed mindset when it comes to clothing. While some my criticize you because of their own insecurities, the people who matter are paying attention just when you think they aren’t.

Life is too short to be walking around like a slob. You never want to look less than the potential you are capable of. Be thoughtful about your clothing choices, how your shoes look and if you match. Keep your hands and fingernails clean. Each of these things will emphasize your smile and your potential.

Sometimes its as simple as using an iron and sometimes its about wearing a nice looking sport coat, but, no matter what, you should always look your best.




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