Grandma Iva and I, Circa 2005

Grandma Iva and I, Circa 2005

Dear Max,

Singing is such a great experience. It allows you to express yourself in one of the purest ways possible.

Growing up, Grandma Iva had a song for everything. She would sing “the rooster says good morning to you” in the morning every time we would come for breakfast. For swimming, for cleaning, for eating or anything else you could think of, she would sing something.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you she had the most beautiful voice because she didn’t. But, she knew that. What I will tell you is that it always made us happy. It always made us smile. It always brought us together.

Singing to those you love makes them happy. Grandma Iva knew that. That’s why Mom and I sing to you to this day. Anytime you have the chance, sing a song to someone. It will change their day, and yours.




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