Automotive heritage

My dad and his 1957 Chevy, circa 2010

My dad and his 1957 Chevy, circa 2010

Dear Max,

I’ve loved cars ever since I can remember. My dad always claimed my first word was “Vroom.” I was going to classic car shows with my mom and dad before I could walk. It was and is part of me.

Today is the Detroit Autorama. It is the car show to end all classic car shows. For me, going to Autorama about carrying on a tradition of something my father and I used to do together. Cars have been a bonding platform for Dads and their children for generations.

I was always enthralled at listening to my dad’s stories and seeing all the pictures of his past cars or seeing the process of ones he worked on with me around. That time was so special to me.

We had our regular cruise nights we liked to go to. We had the music that went with the cars. We had the burgers and fries and the “man talks.” We had fun.

My dad and I at a minimum would make sure we went to Autorama every year. Here’s to year one with you.




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