The curse of the social shadow

Dear Max,

Starting with Generation Z – that’s you – a curse will sweep across the nation. It’s what I call “the social shadow.” This is a curse that will be near impossible to get rid of. As young people today grow up, they will be using social media from the youngest of ages.

The things that you post on social media while you’re 13 will be very different from how you feel when you’re 23 or 33. Everything you post – pictures, video, words – will be available to anyone who explores. The content that you create has the potential to put a curse on your future life.

People will know everything about all of the facets of your life. Employers will judge you more harshly. Acquaintances will know you more intimately. Opportunities could be lost by just a few ancient posts.

Think about this while going through life. Does everything need to be posted on social media?




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