How they feel

Dear Max,

As you move forward down your path in life you will have many opportunities to leave feelings with people. Everyone you touch will make a judgment about you. Whether you are friends with someone for 5 years or talk to them for 5 minutes, they will remember one thing – how you made them feel.

That’s right. Nobody cares exactly what you say or do. It’s about a deeper human experience. This is why you need to think about more than words when communicating. Body language, voice inflection and pure attention to detail speaks loudest. If you are sincere and simple you’ll leave a lasting positive feeling.

When you are doing something very important to you, know how you want to leave them feeling before you decide how to approach the situation. When you go into a job interview, you want to leave them feeling that nobody can do the job better than you. When you pitch a client, you want to leave them feeling like you are the only one that understands their business. And, when you meet someone for the first time you want to leave them with the feeling that they want to get to know you more.

Their feeling is the only impression they will hold onto. People will forget everything else.




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