The Aloha Spirit

Jess and I on a dinner cruise off the coast of Honolulu.

Jess and I on a dinner cruise off the coast of Honolulu.

Dear Max,

Hawai’i. It’s a place like no other on earth. Your mother and I went for our honeymoon in 2010. Its a true experience. When you are on one of the islands a feeling overwhelms you of relaxation and happiness.

This feeling continues throughout. Everyone is laid back.  Many Hawaiians laugh at mainlanders when they first arrive because folks will get upset if something or someone is more than ten minutes late. We quickly realized we didn’t need our cell phones or wristwatches, it was time to take it easy.

After this realization we ate a whole lot of food – in true Hawaiian fashion. Your mom had a few too many tropical drinks like the Hawaiian itch and the blue Hawaii. We swam with dolphins, surfed, hiked to a waterfall, visited the pineapple plantation and slept. It was amazing.

Hawaii taught your mom and I something great – the aloha spirit. Its a feeling of love, enjoying life and taking your time. Even now, at home, when we’re feeling like the world is getting to us too much we turn on a CD we picked up from Honolulu by Iz Kamakawiwo’ole. It takes us back and rejuvenates us with the aloha spirit. And, we just smile.




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