Dear Max,

When people today run into people they don’t like they tend to count them out. People are avoided, yelled at, not included, degraded and the list goes on. Its comes to a point where when somebody knocks on your door or asks you a question in public, you question their motives.

Yesterday, I pulled my car into the garage, got out and a man was waiting for me. He was an older African-American man with tattered gloves and a clipboard. I couldn’t help but think how many people probably closed the door on him today so I listened. I found out he played trumpet for David Ruffin – THE David Ruffin. To me there are few singers better than Ruffin. He had my attention. He was selling his album to raise money for his sister’s charity. Needless to say, I bought the CD.

JD Wilkerson certainly didn’t expect me to buy the album – and he told me that. I know by the demographic of our neighborhood that I am the youngest homeowner he happened upon. But, I appreciate music and I appreciate people for who they are.

Somewhere, there is somebody in the world that does not like you. No matter how hard you try you will never be on their list of people they like. Many times for no reason. You will wish they appreciated you. You will wish they took the time to listen. Some people just need a smile, a little respect and a handshake.

Just remember: There’s room for all kinds of people in this world.




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