Know when to turn technology off

swing-treeDear Max,

By the time you actually get around to reading and understanding these letters I’m sure I won’t even recognize the world from the point where we are at today. The difference between my childhood and yours is that I will have remembered a time when we didn’t use cell phones.

My family didn’t have a computer in our house until I was 11. I didn’t have a cell phone until I graduated from high school. I didn’t have a laptop until college. I didn’t have a smart phone until I got my first college degree. I tell you this to tell you something else.

I remember what its like to be not connected. You most likely will not. It is really important to know that as much as technology changes, we, as people, are still the same. We need human interaction. We need quiet time. We need to enjoy life outside of Facebook.

Find a hammock. Find a tree swing. Take a walk. Go on vacation and disconnect. Put your phone away during dinner. Whatever you do, find time to enjoy being you and know when to turn technology off.




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