Listen actively

listenDear Max,

Listening is one of the most important qualities a true leader can possess. One thing I’ve noticed throughout my professional career is people generally have something in their mind they want to say. They are forming their opinion and ready to jump when whomever is currently talking takes a breath.

This goes on until the end of the meeting and few decisions are rarely made.

The best way to move forward is to listen to the opinions of each of the individuals. Absorb each point they have to say. Then speak. You can accomplish more in fewer words.

Love, Daddy

PS: President Lincoln gave his most famous Gettysburg Address in 3 minutes with under 300 words. This was a part of the Gettysburg Address labeled ‘remarks.’ Edward Everett gave the actual Gettysburg Address at 2 hours in length, though no one remembers it.


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