Stay true to your word

Dad and I eating popsicles, circa 1989, Dearborn, MI

Dad and I eating Popsicles, circa 1989, Dearborn, MI

Dear Max,

My dad always told me, “a man is only as good as his word.” if you tell somebody you’re going to do something, you do it. Plain and simple.

Ever since I can remember my dad told this to me. He never let anyone down on his word that I know of. I know I have dropped the ball here and there along the way but it is something that I’ve always strived for.

I learned a lot from him like installing an above ground pool, hanging drywall, working on cars, painting homes, installing exterior siding, playing music, and so much more. In each instance he promised someone that it would be done, and we did it. It wasn’t something that he promised someone and they had to wait a few months to get it done. It would get done pretty quickly. Even with promises he made me. “Let’s go Donnie,” he would say, and off we’d go.

My dad never let me down and I’ll never let you down. After all, if you can’t stay true to your word, what kind of man are you?




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