The law of averages

Dear Max,

Best friends

Best friends

One of my best friends, affectionately known to you as Uncle Sunshine, and I have a running joke. We can never get each other on the phone. Our schedules are just too far apart some days. It doesn’t help that he is a couple time zones away in Burbank, CA. The running joke is what we call “the law of averages.”

I call him at least every other day of the week. I know most of the time he won’t answer. That’s okay because I know we will at least talk to each other a few times a month. Now if I called him just a few times a month I may only get him on the phone a few times a year. Of course he calls me back but many times I am putting you to bed or I’m already in bed because of waking up with so during the night. Every voicemail I leave I just say, “Its the law of averages, call me when you’re free.”

Now the law of averages works for many other things as well. It worked extremely well for Thomas Edison. Read this quote:

“I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” – Thomas Edison

Anything you want in life, whether it is a simple phone call or a new invention, you have to work at. You have to keep trying. Many times you are just a few feet away from gold.




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