Be kind to the waiter

waiterDear Max,

Be kind to your service staff, even if they mess up your order.

Waiters, waitresses and service staff deserve to be treated well. No one can really understand what they are going through at that moment than them. They’re stressed, busy and have many bosses – the customers. However, something that many people do not realize is how much power they hold.

Your ma and I were hanging out at a local bar in Plymouth one Friday night in August, just three or four weeks after you were born. We waited 2 hours for our burgers to come to the table. They never showed up. The waitress visited us multiple times and took our order twice. She was doing everything she could. It turns out that the kitchen was understaffed and the room was overbooked. Getting mad at her would not have helped. We were hungry but it was still nice. Your mom got her first margarita [for free] since having you, you slept and we were able to have a really nice conversation. These were all things we had not had a chance to do in a long while.

Your health, finances and state of mind for the night is in their [the staff’s] hands. If you’re nice they’ll treat you right and apologize for their mistakes. If you’re not nice, you could be on the receiving end of identity theft and/or food poisoning, among other things.

Treat them nice. Leave a good tip. Make their night better. Most of the time it’s not their fault anyway.




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