Experiences are worth more than possessions

romeDear Max,

The greatest thing I can tell you in life is to collect experiences, not possessions. Your mother and I went to Rome, Florence and Venice [where you were conceived] on this notion. Experiences build character, street smarts and a greater view of the world around you.

Experiences aren’t just trips; having you is an experience. No amount of advice or reading can prepare you for the joy a child brings – especially you. Case in point, I had never been thrown up on at 5 in the morning until you came around. I have never spent the night at the hospital until you came. I have never gotten so little sleep. I have never worked harder to provide for my family. I have never threw out my back lifting a car seat. The list could continue for a long while and you’re only 6 months old. The fact is, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Simply experiencing your smile when I meet you and mom at home is all I need.

My life’s experiences are reaching a whole new level with you. The older I get the more I realize that nothing matters in life but what you do with it. Go out and make your own stories. Experience everything that you feel the need to.

The more stories you have, the greater personal wealth you possess. You will feel more complete. I certainly do.




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