“I wanna be big like you, Daddy”

Dear Max,

Yesterday I was driving you and Evie home from daycare, and you said to me, “I’m going to finish my whole snack because I wanna be big like you, Daddy!” It was sweet and made me smile. But, then I thought about all of the kids who got big and remained kids.

Being big is more than just getting a few years older so you can do big kid things.

It means having a bigger heart. Being helpful to people you don’t know and caring enough to act in a positive way.

It means bigger mistakes, but knowing enough to learn and growth so you don’t repeat it again.

It means a bigger mind that is open to opinions other than those that are favorable to you. Finding ways to listen and learn with every new day helps with that expansion.

Anyone can grow big, buy a big house and a big car, and make a big paycheck. But, without a bigger heart and a bigger mind, they won’t be anywhere near you.





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