Small wins

Dear Max,

Small wins add up to big possibilities. Sometimes, we set goals for ourselves that are so big they seem unattainable. And, sometimes, these goals are set for us. No matter what, its those small victories that can help you succeed.

Here’s how it may work. Say you want to make $1,000 one summer. That’s a lot of money, and at first you may get discouraged. But wait, you know how to mow lawns, make small repairs, and clean windows. Take those skills and create a simple flyer to pass out to neighbors houses and friends. Once you get a few regular customers it starts adding up quickly. Each new customer is a small win in the overall picture. So, if you’re able to get just four houses to mow lawn for each week, you’ll have $1,040 in 13 weeks.

Think about the possibilities of that. As you get older, that those numbers and those tasks may change and grow. What doesn’t change is the work ethic of breaking down large tasks into small wins to finish something of epic proportions.

Love, Dad


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