1 year ago today

Dear Max,

One year ago today I took your mom to the hospital. It wasn’t that easy though. I didn’t believe her. She let me sleep and get up for my regular time for work and then told me she thinks it’s time – time for you to come.

You watch all these movies and every time a baby scene comes up the woman is screaming and she ends up barely getting to the hospital or having the baby on the way there. It was very different in real life.

I almost made her drive herself but I listened to my better judgement and drove her. We got to the hospital and they said today would be the day but to go have breakfast, take a stroll around and come back in an hour or two. 

I was so surprised how calm the whole process was. In fact, after we checked into the hospital we were with one nurse through much of mom’s labor.

The lesson here is listen to the expert. Listen to Mom.




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