The Detroit Tigers

Dear Max,

My Dad and I always had a bond over the Detroit Tigers. We used to drive from Dearborn straight down Michigan Avenue all the way to Tiger Stadium. We’d park at the Firestone Tire shop, pay the $5 parking charge and walk across the brick street to the park. 

We would get to the park when it opened and I would wait by the dugout to meet and get autographs from the likes of Cecil Fielder, Alan Trammel and Mike Henneman. We grabbed hot dogs and cokes and “our” seats. At that time the Tigers weren’t the best team in the league and we pretty much sat wherever we wanted. 

In 1995 we went to at least 40-50 games. We had season tickets that year. We got them for free after I won a Little Caesars contest to name Tigers mascot “Paws.” That’s right, Paws is your half- brother. 

We loved the Tigers and still do. I can’t wait to take you to a game.




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