Traditions make everything special 

Dear Max, 

Making, honoring and upholding traditions makes things special. It can be as important as a holiday celebration or as small as referring to an inside joke every time you’re in a certain part of town.

When I was younger, it was a tradition to go to classic car shows in the summer with my family, especially my dad. Today I took you to your first summer classic car show with Grandma Diane. We got through the winter with the ultimate if car shows, Autorama, which you went to for the first time last winter with mommy and me. 

Other traditions include going to the Thanksgiving day parade, Black Friday shopping, playing the barn party with my band, taking mom to Schwartz nursery every Memorial Day weekend, and about a thousand other things. 

Traditions make things fun. They give you something to look forward to. They make otherwise normal things special. Make ’em. Love ’em. Share ’em.




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