Finding perspective

Dear Max,

Tonight I sat on my roof with a man who knew my dad for 30 years. His face looked like an old baseball mit worn in with saddle soap. He is a salt-of-the-earth honest man. In under an hour we talked about 1968, Vietnam, women, classic cars, Greece, the world, you, Honey Radio, age, old houses, my dad and perspective.

His perspective stuck with me. He told me that every person on this earth is made of flesh. No matter how beautiful or ugly we are perceived to be we are still made of the same things. Be happy with who you are and what/who you have. It seems so simple to think that we’re all just flesh, especially when we cover ourselves in designer threads. But, simple is a great way to think differently.

When he left he told me, in Field-of-Dreams-like-form, “Look kid, I gotta go. You’re giving me a headache.” I laughed. His simplicity of thought and his classic humor blew my mind. 

I love to seek and gain perspective from the most unexpected places, like a sixty-something roofing contractor. Where will you find perspective?




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