Make your own opportunities

Dear Max,

So many of us worry about what hasn’t happened in life and disappointment on what they think they deserve. My question to that is – what have you done to make your own opportunities?

Making your own opportunities takes skill and focused thought but it can be done. To do so you need a high amount of self-motivation and an inquisitive mind. 

To get my dream job I had to jump through many hoops to get to that point. I blogged, had coffee meetings, went on a number of interviews, researched or applied for jobs nightly for over a year, networked like a mad man, built up my social networks, wrote articles, gave presentations, built and led new programs at work to prepare myself for a career change, brought in an intern to build my management experience and so much more. I did everything I could to make as many opportunities as possible to make a strategic move. It worked. Airfoil Group saw my drive and found the right position for me. I haven’t looked back.

Make your own opportunities because anything is possible.




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