Fear and regret

Dear Max,

As I lay here in my bed late at night wondering what to say to you, I find it hard to think of exactly the right words to write. I hope one day all of this will make sense to you. I hope you’ll appreciate it. But, at this moment on a cool April night, there’s no way to know.

If I didn’t write these to you I know I would regret it. I feel like each day I get further from my father I lose a bit more of his advice. Maybe these letters are as much for me as they are for you. 

As I think back on the first 29 and a half years of my life I can honestly say the only things I regret were the few experiences I feared to take and a few memories I feared to make. 

Don’t let fear stand in your way at all. Don’t fear what people will think or what may be said. Don’t regret because it keeps you living in fear. Similarly, if you fear something and you choose to hold off, don’t regret it. Trust you made the right choice so you could learn from it. Then, move on. Fear and regret are two things that we don’t need in our lives. 

All we need is each other, and lots of laughs.




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