The meaning of life…

Dear Max,

Have you ever chose to be silly for an entire day, made up a game and changed the rules along the way, laughed until your cheeks hurt, ate until you threw up, stayed up until dawn, listened to music on 11, played guitar until your fingers bled, drove to the coast, swam while eating, read a magazine from the back to the front, worked out then ate a Big Mac, spent a day quoting an old movie, made so many inside jokes you forgot what the outside looked like or built something knowing it’ll probably fall apart? 

Have you ever pondered the meaning of ‘popular,’ wore the same pants for 5 days in a row, went away for a week and only packed a carry on, laughed at the same joke 100 times over like it was brand new, thought the food at the roadside diner was the best you ever had but when you went back not at 3am realized that it actually was a form of low grade dog food, wrote a song for someone, stopped to get gas while getting attacked by about one million fish flies and getting back on the freeway realizing that no gas pumped into your car, played a gig so late that you literally went home had more breakfast and went straight to work knowing you still had to go to class later that night, closed a bar on a school night with your band, ate a whole pizza, bought a Costco cake and four spoons and ate it without plates, went to six restaurants in one night for your birthday and ate at all of them or owned more black shirts than Carter has pills?

Have you ever deeply loved someone more than yourself? 

I’ve answered yes to all of these. It’s up to you to make your own list. I’ve discovered that the meaning of life is enjoying yourself. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just enjoy yourself.




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