Times change, principles don’t

Dear Max, 

The power of time is an amazing thing.  Just as things change and evolve daily, there are constants. By that I mean that not everything changes. 

We change. We age. We get new jobs and have kids. We move. Of everything that changes us, the principles that we learn in the first 20 years of life stay with us and are unchanged. 

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Grandparents who were born in the nineteen teens. I spent a lot of time with my dad who was born just before the start of WWII, pre-baby boomer era. Growing up around the traditionalists generation has given me a set of principles decades older than even my own generation. 

Your principles will be challenged more every year that you get older. When these challenges arise just listen to your inner self. Your principles guide this thought. Listen to yourself and you’ll always head in the right direction.




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