Be the best at something

Grand Mary and I making Pierogi, circa 1990

Grandma Mary and I making Pierogi, circa 1990

Dear Max,

My Grandma Mary was the best at making pierogi, the Polish meal of potato- and cheese-stuffed doughy goodness. Whenever we wanted to best polish meal we asked my Grandma Mary because no store or restaurant could match. There was even one time when my mom bought frozen pierogi and tried to pass them off to us but we knew the difference, even at a young age. We quickly called Grandma to “get mom in trouble.” The next time we went over her house, she had a whole batch of pierogi on the table just for us.

To this day I compare every Polish meal to that of my Grandma Mary. I tell you this because she was the best at it. Everybody has things or people in their mind that they default to when they want the best.

When you decide what you want to do for work later in life ask yourself this: What is one thing that I love that I could be the best at? Once you figure that out, put in the hard work, put in the time and put in the patience to do and be the absolute best. You’ll create a following for yourself. My Grandma’s goal was being the best at taking care of her family, and she was.




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