Lending a hand

My Dad and I in Florida, circa 1990.

My Dad and I in Florida, circa 1990.

Dear Max,

Yesterday was the six month anniversary of Grandpa’s first visit to God. Because of that, I wanted to give you a piece of advice that he lived by. My Dad firmly believed in helping others as much as possible.

If you needed a few bucks for gas or food how would give it to you, no matter who you were. If your car was stuck in the snow he would help you push it out. If their was no umpire, he would call the ball game. If you didn’t have a job he would find you one. If you were in jail, he would bail you out – no this isn’t referring to me. I can’t think of one situation that he didn’t help someone with.

‘Always lend a hand’ was his motto. He was never too busy. He believed that good things happen to good people, and I believe that too.




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