Necessary endings

Dear Max,

Life works in cycles. You will come to find a number of things you love to do in life. As they say, all good things must come to an end.

When I was in high school I had to say goodbye to baseball. Did I want to? No. Was it necessary? Yes. I wanted to fully dedicate myself to music and didn’t have the time to do both.

As I get older the necessary endings come to be more difficult. When you came into our life, everything, outside of working to provide for you and mom, was a necessary ending. Do I miss those things? Yes, very much. Do I regret it? Never.

Necessary endings come from a re-prioritization of what you want most in life. We are all able to do so many things but we must choose what’s most important at the moment, what’s healthy and what’s necessary.

You are necessary. You are my life.

Love, Daddy


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