Understand both sides

newsboyDear Max,

To every situation there are two sides. Those around you will constantly want you to pick a side. It is perfectly fine to be decisive; you should always know where you stand. However, it is important to know both sides.

If you only know one side of every situation you will end up living in a bubble. One that is created of only the things you want to believe and hear. This is a dangerous way of life because it breeds ignorance and a sheltered view of reality.

In the 20th century of America, our entire nation lived and breathed the news. There were three channels on television. The main newspaper came out twice a day with a morning and evening edition. Today, our newspapers are coming out three times a week. We have 1,000 or more channels on television, many without a shred of news. I tell this to you because now more than ever the news can be avoided. Americans overall are less informed.

This doesn’t have to be you. I’m not saying you have to watch or read the news 24/7. I’m just saying take some time to consume regular news. You will be challenged in life to make very tough decisions. Decisions that may impact every facet of your life. You need to read, watch and listen to the world around you, dissect it and develop a conclusion for yourself.




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