Drive over 50 miles for great pizza

post-corner-pizzaDear Max,

I know it may sound stupid at first but here it goes – drive over 50 miles for great pizza.

Now there is plenty of good pizza. And, you may think one or two of those places around are great, but the search for the pizza that makes you want to fall to your knees and cry in happiness is an adventure.

This goes for all food. Once and a while you just need to go out and take a road trip. Drive to Toledo for a hot dog. Drive up north for good chicken. Drive to Chicago for a slice of deep dish. Drive to Philly for the cheese steak.

The adventure is up to you and the friend(s) you choose crazy enough to go. Why do it? Why not. You’ll always have a story – and a full stomach.



PS: The best pizza I’ve ever had is Post Corner Pizza in Clearwater Beach, Florida. I can taste it just saying the name…


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